Hop Pochana Speak Easy on Thonglor 34

“Sometimes walking into an unknown quiet street, in city center Bangkok can lead to very unexpected surprises. 30 metres, on the right into soi 34 at Sukhumvit Road and you’ll chance upon a little darkened building with hints of red light glowing out of the windows. The entrance area is painted black, built out of restored antique Thai windows that seem unwelcoming and frankly a little stygian. It is inconspicuous that somehow, this place is to dine and drink but the place looks like a worthy gamble for a special experience. To enter, shuffle up a little slope that leads you to a glowing face, a caricature of the ghost Pee Takhon which some hear haunts the very bar you are about to enter.
Get pass through the old door and you enter into a bizarre little house of curiosities.
The air within seem comfortably still as Siamese dolls float amongst the red ceiling lights and leather paintings of characters from legends ago hang on the walls of red, grey and gold. As you leave behind the quiet street and step into this little cultural escape, the first sensation is to collide with notes of funk and soul, remixed from Thai vinyls that were hits from the 70s. As the red glow of lights emanate throughout the space, you wonder if you have stepped into a twilight universe of Thai mysticism, something one hopes to experience but know not where to inquire . Nothing seems right, but everything seems to be what it should be.
Come be curious…Hop Pochana”

Google Maps : https://goo.gl/maps/5YAgqj4TSVwVRDc26
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