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For more than 10 years, the master cheesemaker of AnticaLuna and his team have been introducing the traditions, crafts and tastes of Italian cheeses and other fine dairy products to Asia.Now from 2017, AnticaLuna will also be producing its unique artisan goods in Bangkok so that customers in Asia can also enjoy AnticaLuna products with the daily freshness that they demand every day.

When it comes to to Italian cheese, there are many different varieties comprising thousands of dairy artisan masterpieces. The many diverse regions of Italy are renowned for producing their own specialist cheeses, each of which is steeped in local tradition.

The stories behind these cheeses are rich in people, craftsmanship, passion, love and an unerring devotion to high quality ingredients. Dedicated to keeping this spirit alive, AnticaLuna brings the real craft of cheese-making to Asia. Continuing to hand down the proud tradition of Italian cheese-making from one generation to another, AnticaLuna produces cheeses at a traditional Italian dairy farm using the same equipment that has been relied on for generations to make the highest quality products.

Closely following the original recipes, AnticaLuna’s dairy goods are now made in Thailand, following the same traditional methods and with fresh milk imported from Italy.

Pecorino Toscano

The name of Pecorino is from the Italian word “pecora” which means sheep. This cheese is made with sheep’s milk. AnticaLuna has choosen selected sheeps’ farms from Tuscany, Italy, as suppliers.

This special Pecorino is matured in a cellar for a period of 3 months, during which it develops a unique texture and flavor. The fresh Pecorino Toscano is mild, creamy with leafy overtones. Ideal to be grilled, melted or added as filling. We promise that Pecorino Toscano 3 Months paired with a glass of red wine Chianti or Brunello di Montalcino will be a great experience.



Black Parmesan

The traditional production of Black Parmesan lasts for more than 800 years. Since the beginning, cheesemakers havenever used any additives and the cows were fed following a special diet. Black Parmes

an is easily recognizable for other two reasons: the huge 30-Kgs. wheel size and the black coated skin. The traditional flavor, due to the long aging, may produce small white spots of calcium, with the result of being a crunchy cheese. Thanks to its intensity, the nutty

taste and distinctive aroma, Black Parmesan is selected as premium ingredient by fine chefs around the world. It is delicious to be tasted with fruit, crackers and wine. Make your pasta, rice or soup much tastier with a sprinkle of Black Parmesan. It is not only good, Black Parmesan is also very healthy thanks to high presence of calcium and low fat.


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